For 37 years, range Caravelle ™ offers you and the family a perfect boat to enjoy the beach holiday.

Feature-Highlights on one view

  • Caravelle: Multiple Chambers for Safety and Stability

    The air chambers of all Sevylor Caravelle boats are reinforced with durable PVC for added strength. 

    Additionally the I-beam floor and safety chambers contribute an extra layer of protection. 
    1) Main Chamber
    2) Safety Chamber
    3) Double Chamber Floor
    4) Heavy Duty PVC
  • Boston valve

    Boston valves for easy inflation: two-way valves allow you to control the air entering and leaving the bladder. 

    To inflate, unscrew the top cap and insert the pump. A return flap will prevent leakage once the pump is removed. 

    To deflate, simply unscrew the entire valve. Inflation and deflation have never been so easy!
  • SEVYTEST™ - accurate inflation

    Products is equipped with an integrated Sevytest™ pressure gauge for accurate inflation. The red bar indicates whether you have to add or reduce air, if the bar ends somewhere in the green area the air pressure level is just right.
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