2 Person Kayaks

Whether you want to feel the spray on your face as you cut through white water, or simply to enjoy family fun paddling gently around a lake or sea shore, you'll find the perfect solution in our wide range of Sevylor kayaks and canoes.

Feature-Highlights on one view

  • Sevy-Strong™ Tarpaulin - Prevents leakage

    Heavy duty tarpaulin is a remarkably robust, lightweight and water resistant material that protects the bottom of the kayak from abrasion and damage.

    Sevy-Strong™ Tarpaulin has been generously extended well above the waterline, to protect more surface area of the kayak.
  • Seatography™ - floor guide

    Practical floor guide to help determine where your seat should be positioned for greatest comfort and correct usage.
  • PaddleGrip™ - Multi-functional holder

    Multi-functional carry handle and/or a paddle holder so you can relax hands free.
  • BPS Backpack System - incredible portability

    After deflating the kayak roll it into the spray deck. It will convert into a backpack and you can easily transport the kayak on your shoulders. Avoid the hassle of a tight fit carry bag and enjoy the incredible portability.

    - Open the straps and roll the kayak up from the front of the spray deck

    - Roll the black straps around the kayak . Pass the black straps into the black rings and tighten. Pass the grey straps into the black rings and adjust the shoulder straps as desired

    - Comfortably carry the kayak as either a backpack or a carry bag
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