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Always use a pump(hand or electric) designed for the type of product you want to inflate. Do not use a compressor, the pressure would be too high and would irreparably damage the product. You will find, in the list of our accessories, a pump adapted to your product.

There are different means of control, depending on the product. Our PVC kayaks are equipped with a SevyTest, which is located on the side air chamber of the kayak. The recommended pressure level is reached when the black indicator of the SevyTest is between marks A and B. Our kayaks covered with a canvas covers and coated canvas are supplied with a pressure gauge, which allows you to check the pressure level in the air chambers.

The volume of air in the air chambers increases under the effect of heat; thus, either the material of the air chambers expands, or the pressure level increases. To reduce this risk, we avoid using the color black for our products. But we also recommend that you do not leave the inflated product in the sun when not in use.