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Usage Tips

Our kayaks are supplied either with the BackPack system, which will facilitate folding and transport, or with a transport bag. This transport bag allows you to transport and store your kayak. You can buy our universal Quickpack™ Carry Bag separately, a very practical waterproof backpack.

Our inflatable kayaks are versatile and can be used on all types of water (lake, river, sea). They are considered by the regulations as "Beach gear" and their use is limited to 300m from a shelter. It is important to find out about the weather conditions before entering a body of water.

Read the user manual included with your product before using it. You will find instructions for inflating, operating and storing the kayak, as well as important recommendations for your safety.

After that your kayak can be used once it is inflated. Don't forget to wear an approved life jacket, helmet (when using whitewater) and weather-appropriate clothing. It is important to find out about the place of practice.

Depending on the model of kayak you have chosen, you can use a single or double paddle. We strongly recommend that you wear an approved life jacket. Always wear a helmet when rafting and wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

See our accessories page.

The materials we use to manufacture our kayaks are resistant to seawater and hydrocarbons. You can therefore go out to sea (within the limit of the 300m coastal strip) without fear of damaging your kayak.