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Technical Aspects

All inflatable parts are accessible. Repair the tear with the patch and the glue that you will find in the kit that all of our products are supplied with. If the repair to be carried out is too extensive, you can order the spare part on our website.

These kayaks have zippers, which when opened allow access to the inflatable chambers. Open the zipper, take out the inflatable chamber and repair or change it if necessary.

Sevylor uses renowned European laboratories (TÜV for example) which certify the conformity of kayaks with the international standards applicable to them. Sevylor's reputation in the field of inflatables is also well established.

Our warranty covers the material and the assemblies (welds). It is valid for an article and how it is normally used. The guarantee becomes null and void in the case of use which would not have been foreseen by the manufacturer.