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The main chambers are equipped with a Boston valve that unscrews and allows rapid deflation.

It is better to deflate it. High pressure in the air chambers for a long time may eventually damage the material.

Rinse the kayak in clear water, let it dry and put it away.

Place the kayak on a flat surface and deflate it completely (you can use your deflator). Fold the sides towards the middle of the kayak so that the width is about 60 cm; then fold it lengthwise into 40cm sections starting on the side opposite the valves (so that any remaining air in the air chambers is expelled). It will then have the right dimensions to be stored in its bag.

The kayak must be perfectly dry before folding, then storing in its bag. Place it in a dry place, away from any heat source. Be careful not to place a heavy object on the kayak. The ideal temperature is between 10 and 20°C.